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Yummy Crystal Meditation ~ Mindy Arbuckle

Ahhh.  I just enjoyed one of the best meditations I’ve had recently and I’d like to share some of the experience with you.

I awoke early this morning with the intention to practice a crystal meditation.  You see, I’m teaching a crystal chakra healing workshop this Sunday and I’ve been really beefing up on my personal work with crystals and chakras.  I’ve been reading this great book, Steps on the Stone Path by Robert Sardello.  It talks about how to work closely and spiritually with crystals.  I’m just eating it up.

So I wanted to experience what he is talking about and I recently just got several new crystals for my collection.  Yippy!  I took

his practices and made them my own.  (That’s just what I do.  It’s how I find my truthful experience.)

So I went to my meditation space and perused some of my new stones.  I had an idea of which one’s I was thinking about.  The Purpurite jumped out at me.  I considered it and kept looking.  Then the Papagoite called to me.  I choose the Papagoite and sat down.  As I began to center the image of the Purpurite crystal kept flashing in my inner eye.  I had to switch.

So, I’m sitting in front of my purpurite crystal and close my eyes.  I let my breath slow down and deepen.  I felt the sound of “So” with my inhales and “Hum” as I exhaled.  With my eyes closed and my breath flowing smoothly I let myself connect with the crystal in front of me.  I opened my heart to it and eventually let my eyes open too.

I let my gaze soften as I gently looked upon it’s purple field.  I was aware of the lead line running vertically through its center.  I opened myself to the visual experience of the Purpurite.  I looked through my eyes and through my heart.  I could see its aura surrounding it and allowed myself to be present with whatever came up.  I let go of any expectations I may have had and sat, present with it.

Eventually it felt like I should close my eyes and bring in this vision to my inner eye.  Like an echo the image would present itself inside my eyelids, fade, and come back.  At times I noticed my mind taking me off somewhere else and I’d come back to the Purpurite.  I breathed in its essence and kept coming back to it.

I peacefully floated between my eyes open and closed a few times.  Each time I closed my eyes I could see the image of the crystal more vividly.  I opened myself to the crystal and what it holds.  As I let the inner vision of the stone connect to the outward crystal I felt a clearing sense from my solar plexus up through my crown.  It was a release and a purification all at once.

I allowed the experience to be there with no expectation of what should come next.  I did not ask what was happening or question the experience in any way.  I simply was there with the stone.  Breathing.  Feeling.  Opening.  Healing.

Eventually I felt like I wanted to pick up the stone and hold it in my hands.  But my hands were like cement blocks, heavy and immovable.  I asked the crystal permission to hold it and it said “In a minute.”  My eyes were glued to it as was my heart.  When I was able to lift my hands to the stone it was a wonderful connection of my essence and its essence.  It felt like a wave of energy, power, joy, purity, connection that blasted through my body.

I laid down and let the crystal rest on my chest.  It sent pulses through my body that started at my heart and went out.  Where ever the crystal guided me I let it rest.  I moved it to several places from my solar plexus up to my third eye.  All were wonderful experiences of clarity and sensation.  (I can still feel a sense of it as I write this several hours later).

Eventually my experience calmed into a sweet silence where I was in complete connection with the crystal and it with me.  It was beyond words.  We were sharing an experience that is beyond my everyday knowing.  It is hard to explain yet worth sharing.

After about 45 minutes I thanked the Purpurite crystal for working with me and closed my meditation.

Then I sat down to read about this stone in one of my crystal books, The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.  My experience was directly in line with what this book had said: purification, initiation, freedom, insight, truth, power, sovereignty.  The key words and the explanations mimicked what I had felt.

Ahhhh.  It feels so good to connect with something so real.  I’ve had this crystal with me all day long and I do believe it will be in my presence for quite some time to come.  I can’t wait to do the same meditation with it again!  It’s like getting to know a new person.  The first time you sit down for coffee is only the beginning!  You learn more the more you meet them.  The same is true for crystals.  The more you are around them the more you understand them and how they can benefit your life.


Love and Light!  Mindy


If you are interested in learning more about crystals, chakras and meditation, please join me this Sunday, October 14 at 1:00 for a Crystal Chakra Healing Workshop at Maitri Yoga Center in Westminster, CO.

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