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Marichyasana: Postures that Release the Old So You Can Be You

Marichyasana A

Sage Pose A

This month we will bring focus to our practice through the Sage Poses dedicated to Marichi.  Marichi is one of the sons of creation.  He is associated with the light of the sun and the energy of wind and storms.  Thus, we can gain wisdom by going within ourselves to face our own inner storm by shining our own brilliant inner light upon them.  This will help us get through our struggles and see the silver lining that exists around the storm clouds.
Marichyasana A

Sage Pose A with Bind

There are many variations of Marichi’s postures.  The one thing that connects them all is that one leg is tucked up towards the chest.  In these seated postures we can find forward folds, binds or extensions of the arms, and twists.  I find the forward folds help me to turn my awareness inward.  The binds can help me feel stronger and more centered in myself.  And the twisting versions can help us all live more fully in the present by bringing our awareness into our centered core around which we are twisting.  The twists also offer a complete view of the world (which we can all use more of in these times).  We twist one direction to see half of the story and the opposite twist completes the other half so we end up with a complete view of the world.
Marichyasana B

Sage Pose B

All of these postures in some way bring focus to the back side of the body.  The back side of us represents our subconsciousness.  This is often where we feel the storms developing.  Something in our outer world triggers a connection to a pattern rooted in the past.  If we can remember to bring in the light and wisdom of Marichi to our pose and our life then we will begin to break up the subconscious patter or storm within.  And when we do that the light of love will shine brightly through it all.
Some tips to remember for the Marichyasana postures:

  1. Keep the heart and rib cage lifted
  2. Let the shoulders roll back and down so the collar bones in fron   t are spacious
  3. Reach through the crown of the head
  4. Root down through the legs and sit bones
  5. Take the best arm variation for you today
  6. If binding the arms and hands, do so with ease instead of force
  7. Engage the core to extend the spine long
  8. Most importantly, breathe!

Marichyasana C

Sage Pose C

There are lots of variations as I mentioned before.  Wisdom comes from all experiences so let yourself be free in your exploration of these wonderful, wise sage poses.  Releasing the patterns of the past allows you the space to be more like the real, authentic you!  Enjoy!
With Love,
Mindy Arbuckle
Maitri’s Founder