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What’s in a Mala?

Sacred Prayers You Can Wear

Malas are sacred prayers you can wear

Malas are sacred prayers you can wear

Symbolism of the Mala

Malas are holy objects filled with life and vitality. We infuse them with our sacred prayers and wear them as a reminder of our true selves and the greatness each of us possess.

Malas are a strand of 108 beads plus a guru bead traditionally used for meditation and prayer.

Yoga Elevates handmade malas are imbued with potent energies and sacred meaning to bring clarity to your yoga and your life.

108 is considered a sacred number. 1 represents God and our ultimate Truth. 0 is for emptiness and humility in spiritual practice. 8 denotes limitlessness through infinity.

The knots between each bead signify all the obstacles we face along the way and seal in the grace of lessons learned.

The guru bead is a representation of your most influential teacher and ultimately the God within that individual.

The tassel brings together all the teachers you have had in your life and the wisdom teachings you have received.

Malas are sacred objects and should be treated as such. Never place a mala on the floor or something you would sit on. When not in use store the mala in a special place like an altar, in a wooden box or bowl, or in a pouch.


Learn to us malas in Maitri Yoga’s workshops and teacher trainings. Discover mantras to use for your journey and to bring balance to your life.


facebook2Learn more about malas on Yoga Elevate’s Facebook Page and purchase in person at Maitri Yoga Center. Contact Mindy for free consultations about which mala is right for you at this time in your life.


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