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Too Busy for Yoga

How many times in the last week have you said or heard another person saying, “I can’t believe it’s the holidays already?” I’d have to bet a bunch. It’s the time of year that you start feeling busier than usual. You feel more stress and you stop taking good care of yourself in order to focus more on others. In other words you start to feel more overwhelmed. Ugh!

I like to call this “holiday mind”. It’s the mind that convinces us to do more, more, more and stay in that state of chaos. We stop making time to take care of ourselves. That somehow taking time for ourselves to practice yoga is selfish? Anyone? I’ve already heard people tell me this at my yoga center and it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet!

Don’t let this be you this year. Instead of focusing on Christmas presents this year, come together and develop Christmas Presence. This means we need to maintain our physical and mental training practices to overcome the madness of the season. The more there is in life, the busier we get, the more we have to be still and go inward.

We are like a snow globe this time of year. All the extras we pile onto ourselves shake up our snow globe and make it hard to see clearly. Put the snow globe down. Taking time out of your busy schedule to go to a yoga class or even just sit down quietly for 5 minutes every day helps to settle the snow. We can see more clearly. We feel less stressed. We are able to do the extra things without piling on extra stress.

Getting stressed and looping stress for things that have not yet happened is a common event for most of us. The turkey, the holiday candies, shopping for presents, decorating, family get togethers… The list of stressful things can go on and on. The most important thing to do when stress happens is to see it. Catch yourself in the moments of dis-stress and stop the loop. This takes discipline and willingness. This is why you practice yoga – to gain control over the things in life that make you feel like you are out of control.

The things that cause stress are neither good nor bad. Stress just is. It is how we respond to stress in our outer behavior and our inner realms that colors it positive or negative. No matter what the world is throwing at you the only way you can improve the situation is to realize that you are the only person in charge. You get to own your reactions. You are both the problem and the solution. You take full responsibility for yourself and your life.

This masterful point of view takes practice and is fully supported by your yoga and meditation time. Don’t fall into the traps of the past. You are in control this year (not of everyone and everything else but of YOU). Take time to support yourself this year and this will be the best holiday season ever. Christmas Presence is far more valuable than any present you will receive this year. And it is a gift only you can give to yourself.

See you on your mat!

You’ve got this. If you need support or guidance, please comment below and I’ll do what I can to guide you through.

Love and Light,Mindy
Mindy Arbuckle

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