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Everyone in our area of the world knows that it is almost time to plant the garden. Here in Colorado we wait patiently for Mother’s Day weekend for the perfect time of year. I’ve been caught a number of years planting too early in the gorgeous spring weather, only for the new plants to be frozen with a late snow.
Spring, beautiful spring, is the time for clearing out the old and creating space for new growth. We can do this in so many ways. Take a little time today to pause and ponder what is old, and left over from the past few months of winter (or perhaps the last several years). Now is the time to purge ourselves of what doesn’t serve us to make room for manifesting an even better life.
Plow-PoseIt is no surprise that our pose this month, Plow or Halasana, has been selected. It is a physical metaphor for clearing our fields, tilling our soil, and preparing ourselves for the changes and vast abundance of the next half of the year. Let yourself explore this pose, which may be new to many of you. Find a sense of security in it’s upside down position that allows you to see your world and yourself from a new perspective.
As gardeners, we sometimes need advice from the experts at the garden center. When you need guidance about plow or manifesting life with new possibilities (seeds of change) you come see us at Maitri. All of our instructors care about you and want to help. Ask questions. Receive guidance on the poses (asana) or on the more energetic side of yoga. We really like “getting in the weeds” with you (hee hee) so you can get rid of the old and move onto the new!
We have some really lovely events this month and next that will definitely help you plant some new seeds.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  The only requirements are an open heart and mind and a willingness to learn.
Mindy-ArbuckleLove and Gratitude to you!
Mindy Arbuckle