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Courtney E. sums it up:

Saying this program changed my life is an understatement. Yoga is much more than asana, and the Essential Teacher Training introduces you to the necessary fundamental and foundational concepts to pursue this journey. Whether you are looking to teach, deepen your practice, or simply gain a greater understanding of yoga this is the place for you. The program is one year which allows time for you to truly digest concepts. This teacher training is an intentional, results oriented program that activates your true spirit. The individuals in this training became my forever yoga family. I will miss the laughter and tears and renewing my vow over and over to become a better person.

Cindy G. says:

Yoga school is sooo much more fun than college!

Nikki W. shares:

Training at Maitri Yoga Center was one of the absolute best decisions I’ve ever made to further my yoga practice. The program is an extensive study of mind, body and soul through yoga – truly all encompassing.

Maitri Yoga Center’s unique program is an exceptional combination of not only asana (physical) yoga practice, but of the meditative mind and spiritual gifts that yoga provides as well. This balanced approach has changed my personal practice of yoga forever – and quite frankly my life.

Thank you again for everything you share with us. I truly feel blessed to be a student of yours and although I don’t have all the right words, I hope you know I’m beyond grateful for your lessons and personal kindness as our teacher.

Brett E., an apprentice for the EYT share his gratitude:

I’m so grateful to all of you for opening up, sharing your energy and stories, rising to the challenges we put in front of you, and being part of my yoga sangha! I’ve enjoyed sharing my love for yoga with all of you, and seeing the beautiful ways you’re sharing your love of yoga with the world.

And many thanks to Mindy and Irene, for creating this wonderful experience!

Kelly G opens her heart:

It has been an amazing start to my journey!
I have seen so much growth, not only in my physical yoga practice, but even more so with my real-yoga practice. I am excited for even more growth and opportunity!
I am sad class is ending and not an automatic time to see everyone, but looking forward to the next steps.

You three are tremendous teachers and are my wonderful mentors in my journey. I am afraid, you are stuck with me and all my many questions:) Thanks for sharing your expertise and allowing us to be part of the difficult moments.
Mindy- keep you passion with story telling, and crystals, one day I hope I will be able to tell the full detailed story- you are an amazing wonderful teacher- your calling,you found.
Irene- your energy and calm container holding is truly an inspiration! Keep NY:)
Brett- your laughter, sense of humor, and being part of our class not only as a student but also as an instructor has been wonderful! Your growth has been so much fun to watch.

I look forward to more time – more training – and more guidance! You can not get rid of me, just because class ends!

6 years after taking the training Kylie L. told Mindy:

Honestly, taking this training was the best thing I have ever done for myself!

Right after training ended Susan B. shared this:

The training through Maitri Yoga changed my life.  I had been looking for something deeper and bigger than myself, but was struggling to find something meaningful.  I haven’t always had the most positive experience with religion, and thus avoided it, but I still needed something bigger in my life, a spiritual outlet.  I found it through the teacher training with Mindy.  Not only did we learn immense amounts about how to improve our asana practice, but we also learned about the ancient philosophy of yoga and how it can improve and daily lives.  Mindy provides welcoming and warm support throughout this journey of personal growth that can often be challenging.  Even if you aren’t planning on teaching, it is an enlightening experience I would encourage everyone to do.  I learned more about myself in those 5 months than I had in my previous 33 years.

Six months later:

Hi Mindy,

I want to tank you and not thank you (or whatever the opposite of thank you is) for offering such a good training. I am at a conference in LA and went to a yoga class they offered this morning. Whenever I go to classes after the training that are offered by anyone that hasn’t been trained by you, I realize how fortunate I was to find you and get the opportunity to learn your style of teaching. On the not so positive side, its really hard for me to participate in those classes! I now see all the things that could be improved: inclusive language, counter poses, proper warm up before deep stretching, alignment cues, even six motions of the spine were neglected this morning! You ruined all classes outside of Maitri! So thank you for being such a good trainer. Hopefully I am able carry that style and serve our clients well.

I am hoping to see you on Wednesday, depending on how late I get home tomorrow.



Cathy L. shares what she got out of training:

I discovered the power of mantras and meditation.  It was an enlightening experience to share it with a group of people who were receptive to whatever the results were.

I learned to recognize and honor my limitations, injuries and to accept where I am on any given day with my practice.

But the main thing I got from the training is that it was only the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more to be learned and experienced.


Kylie L. shared this about her experience:

In depth knowledge of the yogic philosophy.

Understanding off ALL of the benefits of yoga.  It was a great reminder that you don’t always have to have a power class to reap the benefits of a yoga practice. Simply breathing and slowing down has tremendous benefits for the body.

Ability to modify postures/build a class for any level of yoga…like you say “yoga for ANY body”.

In a nut shell, your training was pretty much the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!! You’ve got a great program.


When asked about what she appreciated about training, Jane S. said:

Oh, goodness, there are so many…

  • A real appreciation for the rich cultural history behind yogic tradition and philosophy.  Yoga is so much more that postures.
  • An understanding of balance, in life, and physical practice.
  • I found that the “journey” was so much more than I thought it would be.  The sincerity of the instructors and the kindness of fellow students moved me to become a more positive and kind human being.

 Melissa Y. shared:

This training was not only fulfilling with regard to my personal yoga practice and teaching ability, it was also surprisingly impactful in both my spiritual and daily life.  I highly recommend this training to anyone seeking knowledge on all realms: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The caliber of trainers and students I shared my time with in this training far exceeded my expectations.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this Teacher Training to anyone seeking the complete experience of Yoga.


Jaime P., a handyman by trade and a yogi by choice, said this:

Although I’ve been practicing yoga for years, this training  really brought me to a deeper understanding of the impact yoga has made in my life. Mindy has such an organized and complete curriculum. She teaches with such love and passion for the students and for yoga and is eager to share her experience and knowledge. Above all, though, it was FUN!! I looked forward to each class and must say I was sad when it was over. This course is a must for anyone who wants to make great friends, have fun and really embrace the depth of yoga. “