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Master’s Path Yoga Training Schedule

The Maitri Master’s Path Yoga Training Schedule includes both Required Course work as well as Elective Courses you may choose from based upon your own personal desires. Starred (*) Courses are mandatory for completion of the program.  The entire 300 hour program will take approximately 2 years to complete.  All of the courses will be offered at least once during this time frame.

To register for each class please contact either Mindy or Irene directly.  All mandatory courses listed below are included in your Tuition.  All Elective courses are included up to 30 hours.

Each course may be taken by individuals not registered in our 300 hour program.  Again, please contact Mindy or Irene to register.


Intro To Prenatal Yoga – Integrating Pregnant Women into Your Classes with Mindy Arbuckle (elective)