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Master’s Path Yoga Training

Freedom In the Form

300 Hour Master’s Path Yoga Teacher Training

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TwistDoes this sound familiar?  You have taken your 200 hour training and have been teaching yoga classes for a while now. You recognize that you have more room for growth and are ready to continue your study of the practice of yoga.  You are itching to learn more and develop creative ways to teach your classes as well as start teaching workshops and private lessons.

Open to 200 hour certified teachers from any tradition, the 500 hour Maitri Yoga training consists of 300 hours of Yoga Alliance approved content that, when combined with your 200 hour training, delivers a powerful, comprehensive 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500) standing which can only result in being a better teacher in and out of the yoga classroom.

Maitri Yoga has created a menu of diverse course offerings throughout the year, so that you can receive your certification in a way that honors your unique interests and fits easily into your lifestyle.  Our training includes a Required Course Work, Elective Courses, Mentoring, Bi-Weekly Living Your Yoga 30 minute Philosophy Calls, and a practical aspect to developing a deeper sense of teaching through an apprenticeship within our Essential 230 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Our Master’s Path Yoga Training program is open and welcoming to students from all schools and yoga traditions. Our instructors are world-class trainers and have a deep passion for the multiple facets of yoga. This is a 2 year course. In this time all course offerings will be available.  You may take longer than two years to complete the program if it works better for you.

Non-yoga instructors and people not registered in the AYT program who wish to take individual courses for personal development are welcome. A willingness and openness to learn is all that is required.

Learn the tools necessary to elevate yourself and find comfort by being more in tune with your subtle body energies at a deeper level, thereby being able to tune into your students’ needs and create a more powerful healing experience for others.  Maitri Yoga supports individual exploration and expression and will help teachers find an expression of yoga that is unique to them and gives them the tools necessary to share that with their communities. Maitri Yoga is the right choice for people looking to expand and deepen their knowledge and practice of yoga.

  • Advance your yogic knowledge with a training that fits beautifully into your life
  • Explore applied yogic philosophy
  • Learn details about asanas and techniques not taught in most 200 hour trainings
  • Distinguish yourself as a qualified yoga teacher and grow your classes
  • Work more confidently with and have a larger impact on private clients
  • Feel confident teaching students of all levels with the skills to guide students into self- awareness, the heart of yoga
  • You are ready and committed to pursuing the practice of yoga beyond the physical postures

 The time is now.  The world needs people like you.

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Required Course Work

View the current schedule of courses.

The courses we have put together create a powerful and inviting program that honors the individual uniqueness of each participant while joyfully guiding each student into the beauty of their inner world balanced with the expression of their outer reality.  Put on a smile and offer your willingness to playfully open to the vast potential within your body, mind, heart and spirit. The required course work is a combination of book learning and practical applications of the topics as yoga instructors. You will both learn more intellectually, dive into the practices to embody the teachings as well as learn real-world methods of sharing the wisdom.

  1. Biology of Energy, 10 hours
  2. Practical Application of Energy Anatomy, 5 hours
  3. Physical Anatomy for Yoga, 20 hours
  4. Restorative Yoga, 15 hours
  5. Mantra & Mudra, 15 hours
  6. The Medicine of Meditation, 10 hours
  7. Practical Application of Meditation, 5 hours
  8. Practical Application of Yama & Niyama in Asana Class, 5 hours
  9. Intro to Sanskrit, 4 hours
  10. Alphabet of the Body, 10 hours
  11. Ayurveda, 12 hours
  12. Crystals & Chakras, 9 hours
  13. Intelligent Asana, 20 hours
  14. Intro to Yoga Nidra, 10 hours
  15. Philosophy Biweekly Call, 24 hours
  16. 10 Hours of Yoga Classes with Primary Instructors
  17. 5 Hours Mentoring

Elective Courses

View the current schedule of courses.

Freedom in the Form allows you to find some wiggle room in what you want to learn. Choose from a large variety of Elective Courses to suit your needs and interests. You may choose any combination of Electives to total 45 hours. Here is a sampling of our Elective Course offerings:

  • Pranayama
  • Crystal Yoga
  • Shanti Rising
  • Body Positive Yoga
  • Cosmic Sound, Cosmic Crystals
  • Sound Healing Technique
  • Reality of Vinyasa
  • Storytelling for Yogis
  • Intro to Prenatal Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra Level 2
  • Physics of Thought
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Mala Making
  • Jyotisha: The Stars Decide Your Destiny
  • 7 Steps to Happy
  • Discover your yoga path
  • Mindful Adjustments


Practicum through Maitri Community Roots

Maitri Community Roots is the branch of Maitri Yoga that reaches out to our community. This is your chance to offer Seva or selfless service to people who need more yoga in their lives. You will be responsible for setting up and teaching six 1 hour classes to our community.

Apprenticeship: Observe and Assist a Portion of the EYT

On a path of mastery it is important to constantly go back to the basics, your foundation that keeps you solid on your path. Whether you graduated from our 230 hour course or are coming to us from a different school for more advanced yoga training, observing the course material of our Essential Yoga program offers a new and elevated perspective of the foundation of yoga. This gives you the opportunity to hone in your skills and knowledge of self-mastery as we practice the heart and soul of yoga. The more you go through the basics the deeper it sinks into your beingness and allows you to not only learn more but also share more.

You get to choose the portions of the training that you would like to review based on your interests as well as where you feel you want more learning. 64 hours are required to complete the master’s path course work. You can even choose to attend the retreat to dive into yogic living even more. (Additional room and board fees apply.)

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