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Student Spotlight: Suzie Gough

Suzie Gough is our Student Spotlight for November. Suzie is passionate about yoga and her career. We find her big heart and story inspiring. Check out our interview with her below:

Maitri Yoga: Tell us a little about yourself.

Suzie: I am a small animal veterinarian and received my DVM degree at CSU in 2010.  I am married to a kind and loving man and we are proud parents of our ridiculous 9 year old Standard Poodle, Bert.  He is the center of our lives.  When I am not practicing yoga or veterinary medicine I am knitting, hiking, paddle boarding, or camping.

M: How does your yoga practice benefit your career/home life and what keeps you committed to your practice?

S: It truly benefits all parts of my life.  My job can be extremely stressful at times and I often come home feeling tired, frazzled, and have a million things running through my mind.  I love going to Michelle’s evening restorative and Nidra classes because they help me unwind mentally, physically, and spiritually. I simply love how I feel when I ‘m doing yoga at Maitri.  It helps me keep my body and posture centered which has been very healing for musculoskeletal problems.  I love the spiritual connections that are incorporated into the practice.  The restorative classes give me relaxation and the stretching my body needs.  Lately, I have been coming to more of the Hatha classes to go even further with my body awareness and stretching.

M: What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

S: It has always been tree pose.  I love the feeling of being completely rooted like a tree and extending my branches out while maintaining strength and balance.  Trees are also very spiritual for me – I can really sum up my spiritual beliefs with the thought of aspen trees.  Aspen trees live in groves, with their roots connected in this expansive system.  I feel like people are like individual trees and we are all connected by our roots – we are all different manifestations in this great Oneness – just like each aspen tree in a grove is connected to all others by their roots.

M: What are some highlights happening in your life right now?

S: I just finished my training in Veterinary Acupuncture based on the teachings of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM)!  I am so excited about this modality and particularly intrigued by the teachings and philosophy of TCVM.  I am launching a mobile veterinary acupuncture house-call practice serving Arvada, Broomfield, Westminster, Wheat Ridge, Golden, and more. I’ve named my business; Maitri Veterinary Acupuncture! Several years ago I was going through a difficult time and on a friend’s recommendation began reading Pema Chodron.  Early in the first book I read by her, I was extremely moved and touched at her description of the word “Maitri”.   When I started thinking about taking the course in Veterinary Acupuncture, I had the idea to name my future practice “Maitri”.  Ironically, this was before I joined the Maitri Yoga community!  When I was finally ready to bring yoga back into my life 15 months ago, I choose Maitri partly because I live right around the corner, but mostly because the name attracted me.  Predictably, I have found support, peace, and friendship at Maitri Yoga, and I am excited to begin extending that to my veterinary patients!

If anyone is interested in setting up an initial consultation, please contact Suzie directly at dvmsuzie@gmail.com. You can check out her website by clicking the icon below.



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