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Student Spotlight: Roberta Walker

Roberta Walker, affectionately known as “Bonnie” throughout the Maitri community is April’s Student Spotlight! She works with energy healing through chakra work and crystals. Bonnie has been a part of the Maitri community since we opened our second location in Arvada about a year and a half ago. Learn more about her below!

Maitri Yoga: How long have you practiced yoga?  

Bonnie: I have practiced yoga on and off for about 45 years!! It is hard to believe!

M: Why did you start practicing yoga?

B: I started yoga as a college student when I was going through a particularly stressful period in my life. I had an Indian professor who suggested I try this practice.

M: What is your favorite yoga pose?

B: I love the warrior postures.

M: What do you love about Maitri?

B: I love that Maitri is an authentic and tradition-oriented yoga studio and that all of the teachers are excellent and kind-hearted.

M: What are you working on in your practice currently?

B: I am working on consistency in my practice and showing up for class as frequently as I can.

M: What is your profession?

B: I worked as a school psychologist in Jefferson County. I am now retired.

M: What are some highlights happening in your life right now?

B: I will be traveling to Brazil and Vancouver during the next two months.


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