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Student Spotlight: Peter Munger

Peter Munger is Maitri’s February Student Highlight. He’s been practicing with Maitri since April 2017, and has become a big part of our community. As we approach his 1 year anniversary with the studio, we’ve seen his physical practice grow to new heights and always love his positive energy as a lovely addition in class.  He was a lawyer for 34 years but now coins himself as, “blessedly retired.”  He states he was “born for retirement, and there’s nothing quite like being the only boss of your day.” His days usually start out with a five mile run (he’s been a runner for over 40 years) or a 20-mile bike ride (he’s been a road cyclist for about 15 years). Peter has been studying Spanish, traveling, and building things from wood in his garage.  He’s also an avid reader (history, fiction, mountaineering tales).  He rounds out his time in this wonderful stage of retirement with writing as well.

Maitri Yoga: How long have you practiced yoga?  

Peter: I’ve been practicing yoga since April 2017.  I started at Maitri.  I wanted a workout program that emphasized strength and flexibility and my kids, both of whom practice yoga, highly recommended I give yoga a try.  And I love it.

M: How does your yoga practice benefit your home life/career?

P: Yoga relaxes me – physically and mentally.  I am less tense and intense.  I find it especially rewarding when I’m stiff from running or cycling or when the world is too much with me. This release or reprieve is what maintains my commitment to the practice.

M: What is your favorite yoga pose & why?

P: My favorite yoga pose is high plank.  It is simple and good.  It makes me feel strong and resolute, despite my age.

M: What do you love about Maitri?

P: Maitri stands out for three main reasons.  First, the instructors are expert, enthusiastic, patient, welcoming, and friendly.  I’ve attended many classes and never been disappointed.  Second, the schedule offers a wide variety of classes throughout the week.  Finally, the Arvada studio is only a mile from me. Very convenient.  And convenience is also simple and good.  

M: What are some highlights happening in your life right now?

P: Probably the biggest highlight in my life at present is that this year my wife Andrea and I will, much to our amazement, celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.  Now there’s nothing simple about a long marriage but it is, nevertheless, good. In addition to our anniversary, our daughter Clare, who has taken a few classes at Maitri, lives in France.  We visited her over the recent holidays, but I’m excited about spending time with her in the United Kingdom in February and about visiting our son Cullen, who has lived in Buenos Aires for the past six years, this fall. I’m also looking forward to improving my tree pose.


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