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Student Spotlight- Kerry Parry

Kerry Parry is our Student Spotlight for October. Kerry has been a longterm member of the Maitri Yoga community. We find her drive to live a good life inspiring. Check out our interview with her below:
Maitri Yoga: Tell us a little about yourself.
Kerry: I’m a former marketing executive turned writer and editor. I have a blog at KerryParry.com where I write about the struggle of balancing life in the real world with the life I long for; one with authenticity, meaning, and faith. My aim is to write in a way that’s inspiring without being preachy.
M: How does your yoga practice benefit your career/home life and what keeps you committed to your practice?
K: I visit the Westminster location mostly. I’ve been practicing yoga for (I think) more than ten years now. I began the practice as a means of stress relief. Later I came to improve my strength and balance. But I also found it helped with joint ailments as it aided in recovery after a knee and shoulder surgery. Basically, yoga is good for you, inside and out, which is why I keep coming.
M: What is your favorite yoga pose & why?
K: My favorite pose is half moon. It’s challenging, and I still have plenty of room for improvement, but I feel strong when I do it. I guess that’s why I like it.
M: What are some highlights happening in your life right now?
K: The biggest news in my life right now is my book,  Conversations with the Faithful: Seeking Enlightenment Over Lunch is now available. It’s a story of my quest to speak with the faithful. After decades of feeling like an outsider, I wanted to understand and obtain the kind of faith I saw in others. I questioned friends, relatives, strangers, and a few fellow yoga students about their beliefs. I sought people of diverse religious experiences, who practiced, depended upon, and demonstrated a faith that, in my mind, made them extraordinary. The end result is a diverse and creative non-fiction account of my journey– from a fog of doubt to a path of discovering authentic personal faith.



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