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Student Spotlight: Crystal Stewart

Crystal is our Student Highlight for January. She’s a big part of the Maitri community and has blessed both studios with two of her handmade quilt stitching wall hangings. You can find them in the front of the Arvada studio and in the Shanti studio at the Westminster location. Check them out next time you’re in class.

-Tell us a little about yourself: I am a widowed retired rural mail carrier. My favorite title is Grandma. I prefer not to be any more defined by the past than I can help. Presently I try to be content with whatever comes my way every day. I am a wanna be artist but really create for my own gratification. I do long arm quilting (a machine not a body part) mostly charity work but a few commissions.


Maitri Yoga: How long have you practiced yoga?  

Crystal: Yoga came into my life about 15 yrs ago. I wanted to see if I could.

M: What keeps you committed to your yoga practice?

C: I practice now to keep my parts mobile.

M: What is your favorite yoga pose & why?

C: My favorite pose is always the one I can do. I especially like it when I find I am able to do something I couldn’t do yesterday.

M: What do you love about Maitri?

C: I enjoy Maitri mostly because the teachers treat all student like valued members of the class and there are no second rate students.

M: What are some highlights happening in your life right now? 

C: I currently volunteer for ABC Quilts of Colorado. ABC Quilts of Colorado is an organization comprised of more than 70 volunteers creating small quilts for children in crisis or need. These quilts benefit children in situations such as social services, women’s safe houses, teen mom centers, homeless family shelters, and pediatric ER. Check our more info. here!


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