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Student of the Month – Roseann Niemeyer

“My life is not only full of fun exercise (yoga, CrossFit, pilates, golf and dance), but also trying to give a little back to the community by volunteering at the Arvada Food Bank and Collier Hospice Center at Exempla Lutheran.  I also serve on the board for AWARE – a local all volunteer group that raises money for current forward thinking Alzheimer’s research.  Yoga with Mindy (and now Bri) over the years has been an empowering, fun and positive addition to my life!”

What originally drew you to the practice of yoga?
Having participated in almost every exercise “scheme” since the 70’s, I was ready for an entirely new way of exercising, plus I was getting to the point where I really needed some flexibility and a way to calm down.

How has/did yoga benefit your “career”?
Well, back in the day, working as a paralegal in a high powered law firm and having a family with a busy husband and teenaged son, I needed some peaceful time to keep body and mind in the game.  Now, my new “career” is growing old gracefully, and – what can I say – a flexible spine and strong core equal 60 is the new 50!

What is your favorite aspect of yoga?

Flexibility.  CrossFit (@ CrossFit South Denver) is my latest addition to staying healthy and staying in the game – Although I am almost always the oldest person in the CrossFit class, I am ALWAYS the most flexible during the end of class stretch out!

What would you like to share with someone who is new to yoga or has never tried it?
Yoga has been key in keeping 10 years off my aging with no surgery and no dieting and no health problems! (and no injuries!).

Favorite posture?
Bird of Paradise – such an overall challenge of everything and gives me a true rush when accomplished!
Least favorite?
Crow pose – man that kills by boney elbows and knees!

I know I will NEVER stop doing yoga; i love it!

More about Roseann:
Roseann received her undergraduate B.S. from Indiana University in Education and Art and her graduate degree from the University of Louisville in Counseling.  After college, she went on to teach school briefly in Louisville, KY during busing in the 70’s.  After experiencing a cross burning in the field opposite one of the grade schools where she taught, she transferred to a downtown alternative school (think old hotel turned into grades 1-8) and enjoyed a more forward thinking environment.  A move to Colorado  in the 70’s found teaching positions few and far between and thus began 20+ years as a paralegal in the fields of estates, trusts and tax.  She returned to Memphis for a few years where she says “back to the scary South, but the food was divine!”  She returned to Colorado again in 1982 and has never left!  Her husband is senior optometrist with Kaiser Permanente.  Her son recently graduated from DU with law/MBA degrees and has opened CrossFit South Denver – thus creating Roseann’s new exercise addiction!

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