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October Student of the Month goes to Kerry Parry for the way she embodies what a yogini is.  She is dedicated, earnest and playful.  She has much to offer the world and we are proud to have her as our student of the month!
Maitri ~ Tell us a little about yourself Kerry.
Kerry ~ I was born in Ogden, Utah. I spent a chunk of my childhood in Pullman, WA, moved to Arvada when I was ten.  I went to high school nearby at Pomona.  I got my BA in Journalism at UNC where I met and fell in love with my husband, Doug.  I went on to get an MS in Advertising at DU.  I have 3 fabulous kids:  Kyle, 23 living England where he will be married next summer, Tess a senior at CU and Sean a freshman at Ralston Valley.  I spent my entire career working in marketing for credit unions, starting as Marketing Director for the Postal Credit Union and ending as VP of Marketing at IBM.  Since leaving the working world, I have tried on a number of hats; writer, spiritual seeker, suburban house wife, investigative reporter, soccer mom, political junkie, hostess with mostess, oh and of course, yogini.  All of these hats work from time to time, but none feels exactly right all of the time, with the exception of yoga girl – maybe because you don’t wear a hat in yoga.  So the search continues.  I will definitely need to find the perfect hat – not the metaphorical kind – by next summer when I attend Kyle’s English wedding.
Maitri ~ What originally drew you to your yoga practice?
Kerry ~ Trying to be Superwoman with a challenging career and three kids with demanding schedules I started to develop debilitating pain in my neck and shoulders leading to migraines that would in turn aggravate my neck and shoulders.  It was an endless cycle that I couldn’t seem to break.  Stress was part of my normal routine, something I managed, but when I started walking around like Quasimodo, I knew I had to try something.  So I went to Dahn Yoga center where they told me I was very strong, but I didn’t relax well.  Duhh!  Turns out, we didn’t really do much real yoga there.  It became too expensive and too cult like for my taste.  They even locked the door, so you couldn’t come in if you were late.   Punctuality not being my thing, I decided this wasn’t the place of for me.  So I decided to visit a little neighborhood yoga studio where I met Mindy and learned what real yoga is all about.  It has been a long journey with no end.  Do you ever get to really master yoga?  I have gotten better at relaxing and much stronger and most of the time I manage to keep my mind in my body during practice.
Maitri ~ If you could share anything with someone who doesn’t practice yoga, what would it be?
Kerry ~ When I tell me friends about yoga, I tell them, “Yoga isn’t about flexibility, but you will become more flexible.  It isn’t about strength either, but you will become stronger.  It’s more about balancing the mind and body.”  Okay, that last part is probably not something I could say with a straight face, but it’s true and it’s something I need on a regular basis or I get out of balance.
Maitri ~ Just for giggles  what is your favorite asana posture and why?  Least favorite and why?
Kerry ~ My favorite postures are inversions, like headstand or L stand because it makes me feel like a little kid.  I also like postures that are easy for me like straddle splits and fire log.
I don’t hate it, but I simply can’t do dancer because of some weird anatomical quirk of my body that doesn’t allow me to lift my foot up to my butt.  It’s probably the same strange quirk that makes hip and hamstring opening postures easy for me.   I wonder if anybody else in convinced there’s something physically wrong with them when they can’t make their bodies bend the way everyone else in class seems to do effortlessly.