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Buck joined us here at Maitri Yoga in February and has quickly become a regular at several of our classes.  He is originally from Houston and transplanted here for college.  He is a graduate from the University of Colorado and is on the job hunt.  He enjoys tennis and hiking and riding on the snow.  Several years ago, Buck suffered a snowboarding accident that injured his spine and is currently working toward healing degeneration and relieving pain.  It was these injuries and six years of convincing himself to give yoga a try that drew Buck to begin his yoga journey.  He told us at the end of our conversation that he is ecstatic about finding a yoga center in which he can grow and develop his yoga practice.
Why did you start practicing yoga?
I wanted to find pain relief and mobility in my spine and develop a greater sense of inner peace.
What is your favorite aspect of yoga?
I truly love finding kinesthetic awareness and feeling the connection to my body and mind.  I am understanding how my mind can affects  my body.  It has been surreal how quickly I have found the ability to open my heart and soul and develop inner truth.  I am learning how to be true to myself.  I also enjoy how my practice leads me to see the world differently.
What are you hoping to obtain?
Soundness in body and mind and reduce physical pain.
If there was something that you could communicate with a non-practicing person, what would it be?
Anyone and everyone can benefit from yoga, regardless of your desires and needs.
What is your favorite asana posture?
Revolved warrior!  I can find grace, ease and balance there!