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Slowing Down ~Mindy Arbuckle


We all know we need to slow down.  But how many of us really do?  I’m too busy we say, I don’t have time to slow down.  When would I get everything done if I didn’t move at the pace I move at?  Slowing down seems nearly impossible!  Yet, when we talk with friends that is usually the piece of advice we give.  “Oh, my Dear, you need to slow down.  Can’t you see you are wearing yourself out?”  Most of us only slow down when something makes us slow down, like an illness or injury.

Why do we wait for something bad to happen in order to slow down and nurture ourselves?

My mother just found out that she had stage one colon cancer and had surgery about  a week later to take care of it.  Before the surgery I asked her if she was willing to now slow down and ask for help.  She said, “Well, at least for the two weeks after the surgery I’ll try.”  “Oh, Mom.” I thought.  How much more will it take for her and so many others like her to actually listen to what the body and her life is telling her?

Slowing down does not mean becoming a bump on a log or death.  Slowing down means that you take time to do the things that must be done, and not letting anyone or anything tell you to hurry up.  Can you imagine if you never said the words, “Let’s go. We are in a hurry” again?  “Hurry up” could become a thing of the past.  You learn to give yourself the time you need to get things done and still be on time for all those important things that have to get done like going to work, meetings, classes, appointments, doctor visits, etc.  Never being late and never hurrying.  Ahhh.  Can you feel how much more relaxing it is just thinking about it?

Trust me your family will thank you for this.  When you are less stressed so is everyone else around you.

The go, go, go multitasking master can rest.  Whew.  Yes, I said rest.

Once you start to get the hang of slowing down it becomes who you are.  You walk just a little more mindfully as you take each step forward into life.  The panic in your chest ceases to be there because you can breathe.  You are aware of your thoughts, the helpful ones and the ones that create doubts and anxiety.  You become less attached to what other people think about you and start to care more about what you think of you.

A whole new way of acting appears.  You feel more like you.  And the best part is that you are doing less while accomplishing more!


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