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Welcome to a new year! 2017 has officially arrived and it feels like it is going to be a big one.  And it isn’t just me. Many of my friends and colleagues feel the vast energy of 2017 too.
For me it means having the courage to be authentically me and to shine my inner light brightly and brilliantly.  I, and I think so many others, are craving to feel full and complete.  Instead most of us are in a constant state of fear, denial and self-loathing.  What if this year was different?  What if this year we started to fear – less, to feel more and to love ourselves fully?
Even as I write this it feels floofy and way out there.  Yet, it also feels possible.  And my practices this year are to feel the fear and do it anyways.  I don’t want to keep limiting myself to mediocrity.  Do you?  I am ready to grow, expand and be in the flow.  When I am there i am able to TRUST in a greater plan and be just right, right where I am.  I am able to open my heart wide and see the world and all experiences from a place filled with love instead of fear.
I am ready for great things to happen this year and I hope you are too!
mindy-arbuckle-squareWith love and devotion,
P.S. Maitri will be feeling the flow and expansion this year and will help you on your path. We have so many wonderful events, trainings and weekly classes for you to benefit from.  Keep your eyes and your hearts open to embark on a new journey of getting to know the best you yet.