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Developing the Foundation for a Wonderful LifeSeptember-2015-Facebook-Header

What do you want from the rest of this year? Start building what you want with a firm foundation to open yourself to the life you deserve.

Finding My Foundation Again

There is so much out there to be grateful for and so many of us miss it because we are too busy living our lives, trying our best to do what we think is right and at the same time missing the point of it all. I have had a clear example of this in my life recently and am accessing the wisdom of yoga to learn and grow from it.Mindy-Arbuckle
Many of you out there have been sending quiet love and support for me while I work toward healing my body of some ovarian cysts. Last week when I found out that the cysts had not improved, I was disheartened. I felt like I had somehow failed at healing – I did everything right, I changed my diet, I saw holistic healers, acupuncture, was so disciplined – and nothing made a difference. I found myself feeling lost – lost in my emotions, I didn’t know what my next step was going to be. Some of you may have seen my facebook posts. I was raw and didn’t know what to do (this is an unfamiliar place for me to be.)
I have spent the last week sitting with the news that even with all my efforts, all the prayers, I couldn’t change my cysts. This has pushed me to open myself up even more to whole-heartedly learning the lessons these cysts have brought me. And it all comes down to the simple teachings of yoga:

  1. I am not in control of anything (but my mind)
  2. The best place to live is in the present moment
  3. Surrender

These are my foundation and my practice and can be yours as well. It’s a matter of letting go of control and the desire to be perfect. The flower cannot control the frost and it doesn’t complain when winter arrives. We cannot control what happens to us but we can control how the mind responds to what shows up. This means living in the present and letting go of the worry and stress that comes when we are not in the moment. Enjoy when you are with your children, be present at work and let it go when it is time to go home. Bring your mind into the moment and stress begins to melt away. All of this requires a great deal of trust and willingness to surrender to something greater than us, God, the Universe, Nature. There is an intellegence beyond our own minds that we cannot control and when we try things tend to go haywire. So let go, live in the moment and control what the mind has in it.
Sounds simple. But it is definitely a daily practice that takes a life time to embrace fully. See what your foundation is. Look to that to overcome trials and tribulations that are bound to come your way. For me, I have decided to cooperate and co-participate with my cysts and find the middle road of healing while giving up the hard work to God.
Thank you to each of you for your loving support of me and Maitri. I am truly grateful to each of you!
With love,
Mindy Arbuckle
Founder of Maitri Yoga


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