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Bhakti-YogaIt’s hard to believe that our summer is already coming to an end in a few weeks. The kids head back to school in three more weeks. And in those three weeks I’m sure you are going to do your best to fit as much fun summer activities and trips as possible. Not to mention the back to school shopping and general hectic-ness that comes along with the summer’s end.
With all that is going one, whether you have kids or not, you may forget to spend time taking care of yourself. When life gets busy, the first thing that goes is our own personal practices to keep ourselves healthy and centered. If this sounds familiar, take a moment to see that it happens and make a decision to get over it this year. Then it is just a matter of practice to keep enforcing that decision.
If you want to keep yourself healthy, fit, and centered so that you can be the best you for your family, for your friends or at work, then do it. Set aside 1-2 hours each week that will keep you consistently practicing your yoga. You know you feel better when you come in for classes. So pick one or two or six that you put into your schedule and practice getting on your mat and helping yourself out.
When you are more centered and calm, the chaos that goes on around you won’t be so difficult to handle. You will be able to let go of the control freak inside and just go with the flow. It is like a ripple going out into the pond, the more peaceful you are the more that sense of peace pervades your world. And at this moment in time, who doesn’t want a little more peace?
There’s no need to wait for summer to end in order to get back into your self-care routines. Now is the perfect time for you.
Mindy-Arbuckle-Anjali-MudraIn Peace and Love,
Mindy Arbuckle
By the way, Maitri not only has fabulous yoga classes to elevate and center you, but our Inner Growth Events are fabulous!  The events we host are designed to uplift and inspire you and your yoga practice.  Ayurveda is there to help you heal from the inside out.  Partner yoga is a fun and loving way to connect with your significant other. And Crystal Chakra Meditation that focuses on the heart will open and heal the heart, letting you feel more real and authentic.