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Nourish Your Yoga Tree

Nourish Your Yoga Tree ~ Mindy Arbuckle

Have you ever been to a yoga studio that you felt like you didn’t belong as soon as you walked in? It seemed that everyone there had a “perfect” body, were ridiculously flexible, and were wearing clothes that you haven’t thought about wearing since you were a teenager.  Everyone was beautiful, with it, and hip.

This is the fad of yoga.  For this most part, this is what yoga has become in the west: a way to see and be seen in the so called spiritual, alternative community.  Where having a nice yoga body and being able to do gymnastics is what it’s all about.

Don‘t get me wrong.  These people are getting some of the benefits of yoga:

  • A healthy body
  • Physical vitality
  • Working stress out of the body, etc.

But, yoga hasn’t lasted for 5,000 years simply because it gave you a nice butt.

I see the fad of yoga as a tree with no roots.  Eventually, without deep nourishment the tree will wither away and die.  It cannot reach deep to gather water and food.  With no roots for support a light breeze can knock over this beautiful tree.  The fad of yoga will stand calmly, seemingly balanced until the next great thing comes along.  At this point in time, yoga studios have just become a fancy, hip gym.

For me, and many others, yoga is a vital part of what makes up our very essence.  If you come to yoga with the expectation of a nice body, yoga will get you that.  But, unless growth occurs and the roots of yoga take hold, that will be your limit.  However, if you are open to and understand there is more, your practice can be limitless.

Recently in a class I was teaching, a student said, “Yoga has so many layers.  Once you figure one of them out another is ready to unfold for you.” It is absolutely true!  The layers of yoga are endless.

The more you open your awareness to life, the more you will find your uniqueness.

Yoga is so much more than just for the body.  If that were it, practicing with a DVD would suffice or doing any other kind of work out for that matter would give you the same thing.  But it doesn’t.

Yoga gives each of us a path to practice connection and to take responsibility for our lives.

Each and every person on this planet is important.  Yoga offers a progression to help you remember that and to take care of yourself.

You can find a million good reasons why you shouldn’t take care of yourself: the dishes need to be put away first. Once I get the laundry done I’ll go to a class.  I had a long day at work, I’ll make it up tomorrow.  The list goes on and on.  But this is the point:

You are important!!!!

If you let things come up they will.  Don’t let them get in your way.  When you are consistent with your practice you feel better.  Another one of my students, Michelle, shared that she “sleeps better and her emotions are more balanced” when she is in her yoga practice.

Just think, you have the power to rule your show!  With your regular yoga practice, you are less stressed in general, your emotions feel more balanced, you can be more productive at work, and have more fun with your family.

What excuse is stopping you this time?

I invite you to come experience the difference of yoga at my friendly center, Maitri Yoga, versus a gym like yoga studio.  Discover what it is like to remove self-imposed limitations and reconnect to your vitality, health, and inner smile.  Let our teachers nourish your body, mind and spirit with our mindful, caring style of hatha yoga.

If you have questions or are new to yoga, please feel free to contact me at mindy@yogamaitricenter.com.

Many blessings and love.

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  1. Robin

    HI, Mindy, I am writing because I like the image on this page and I would like to use it on a brochure I am creating for a yoga retreat. I would first like to ghet permission from the creator of the image. Is that you? If so, will you please be so kind as to give me permission to use the image? If not, will you please let me know who the creator is? Thank you. Robin

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