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Chakra malaMindy, Maitri’s founder, is working on building her mala business and have all in stock malas on sale now through 3/17. 27% off all our beautiful malas. (27 is a quarter mala – hence the 27%.)  She would love your support and for the honor of sharing one of her passions with you.

Malas bring together the things Mindy loves the most: meditation, yoga, crystal energy, purposeful intention, and beauty.  All that love is poured into each mala she makes and it carries through to the one who chooses it.

Stop by the yoga center, Maitri Yoga, to choose in person or let her know what you are looking for and she can help you decide.

All the malas are handmade with love and purity of intention. Each is blessed to bring the wearer what they need.

With the revenue generated she’ll be opening a web store for you and those you know around the world to be able to partake in these beauties!

Thank you for your love and support!
If you would like to learn more about how we make the malas and the meaning behind them, check out this article.