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Maitri Yoga Schedule

Do to the popularity of many of our classes we do ask that you please register for classes if you know you will be attending.  Thank you!

Questions? Call us at 303.421.4131


9:00 am             Hatha Yoga – Mindy/Bri ∞ ♥


9:00 am             Hatha Yoga – Bri ∞

6:00 pm            Hatha Yoga – Bri ∞ ♦

7:30 pm            Hatha Yoga for Relaxation (Bliss) – Bri assisted by Hentan∞ ♥


5:30 am             Sunrise Hatha Yoga – Mindy ∞ (1 hour)

9:00 am             Hatha Yoga – Mindy/Bri assisted by Hentan ∞ ♥

6:00 pm            Hatha Yoga for Strength and Energy – Bri ♦

7:30 pm           Slow Vinyasa Flow – Trula ∞ ♥


6:30 am            Sunrise Yoga – Trula ∞ (1 hour)

9:00 am            Hatha Yoga – Bri ∞

6:00 pm           Hatha Yoga – Bri ∞ ♦

7:30 pm           Hatha Yoga for Relaxation (Bliss) – Bri ∞ ♥


5:30 am             Sunrise Hatha Yoga – Mindy ∞ (1 hour)

9:00 am             Hatha Yoga – Mindy/Bri ∞ ♥

6:00 pm            Hatha Yoga for Happy Hour – Bri ∞ ♥ (1.25 hours)


7:30am              Hatha Yoga – Susan ∞ ♦

9:00 am             Hatha Yoga – Susan ∞

10:30 am           Vinyasa Flow – Trula ∞ ♥


9:00 am             Hatha Yoga for Relaxation (Bliss) – Bri ∞ ♥

10:30 am          Hatha Yoga for Strength and Energy  – Bri ♦


♥ Beginner friendly    ∞ All levels welcome    ♦ Active, some experience suggested


Class Pricing


9000 W 88th Ave, Westminster, CO 80005




9 Responses

  1. Paulette Young


    I am so glad to have your new studio so close! But I am wondering if you have any plans to add morning Bliss classes or Monday or Wednesday evening classes? Unfortunately, the only one I can attend is on Sunday and I can only attend those every other week. (And today was a bust due to the snow. I can’t shovel my driveway because of the darn auto injury I am recovering from.)


    1. Mindy

      We are still new Paulette and are working out our schedule. You may want to try the chakra class on Friday nights at 6:00 in addition to the Bliss class on Sundays. We will add more classes as the demand increases.

  2. Debra Healey

    Dear Mindy, I travel from Connecticut to visit friends in Colorado and love to come to your studio when I am in town. I loved your previous location and look forward to the new one. Your energy and spirit creates a warm and healing environment and I’m certain it will be in the new space. I wish you much success in this new space.

  3. adrienne st john

    Mindy- I was very sad when I read that you had to close your previous studio and very happy to hear that you are starting anew and even closer to my house. Back surgery and recently a car accident have prevented me from coming to your classes, but best of luck and I hope to see you in February.

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