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Practical Applications of Meditation

3/24/18, 9:30 am- 3:00 pm.

A workshop for yoga teachers that delves into the art of teaching the Eight Limbed Path; a path that leads to a calm, strong & steady mind.

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Awaken the spark to teach the essence of yoga; calming the mind waves. To think and do with intention is at the heart of this practice we so dearly love. As yoga teachers the greatest knowledge we pass onto students is the power and resources to gather their scattered minds.

In this workshop we will uncover ways to walk the path towards meditation in asana classes through practices such as mantra, japa meditation, pranayama and rotation of consciousness.

Build confidence, space holding skills, and your voice when it comes to guiding students through centering, movement and savasana practices. This workshop is designed to support yoga teachers in fine tuning their skills in offering a complete and aligned class that is guided with wisdom and mastery of the mind.

Presented by Irene Doherty, LMT PTP E-RYT

Saturday, March 24, 9:30 am-3:00 pm, at Maitri Arvada (64th & Ward)

Registration: $85

Space is limited. Register Below.

iIrene integrates Somatic Psychology, Cree Grandmother Medicine and Yogic-Polarity insights to help us wake up to our life and the inherent basic goodness within. Her intention is to create a safe and sacred space so we may feel our worthiness and express our true-self, in turn creating an enlightened society.