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40 Day Yoga Challenge!

40 Day Yoga Challenge

Commit to yourself and your yoga practice by attending classes in the next 40 days – whether that is twice a week, every other day, or every day.  Firm up your practice and let us support you along the way.

Commit to yourself! Take the ultimate challenge of 40 classes in 40 days!

What would your life be like if you committed to practicing yoga every day for 40 days straight?  40 classes in 40 days? Maitri’s yoga challenge isn’t about having the time to practice everyday.  It is all about making the time for yoga everyday.  It’s about making yourself a priority in your life and feeling the amazing benefits that come with a commitment to yourself.

One of the most well respected yoga texts, the Yoga Sutras states:

Practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break and in all earnestness (YS1.14). 

So firm up your practice with us and let us support you along the way!

What if taking yoga every day for 40 days just isn’t an option?

Can I still participate?  Absolutely! What if you practiced more than what you are used to?  If you normally practice once a week, set your goal to be twice a week or 20 classes out of the 40 days.  If you are used to 2 classes a week, how would you feel if you got in to practice every other day?

What will you gain if you practice yoga everyday?  You’ll notice that your yoga will reach far beyond your mat and help improve more than just your asana.

  • A more fit and flexible body
  • Feeling like you can breathe better and manage your stress
  • Improving heart health
  • Reigniting a personal relationship
  • Eating healthier
  • Feel more abundant, able to give and receive
  • More aligned with your true, authentic selfless stress
  • You’ll feel healthier
  • Find ease and grace in yoga postures
  • A stronger more flexible body
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Peace and calm
  • Loose weight and tone your body
  • Feel more empowered to take on life

The list can go on and on. What will you commit to for our 40 day challenge?  Post your intention (what you want to get out of yoga) and your goal (how many classes you want to take in 40 days) at either studio.  At the end we’ll check in to see how everyone did!

This year we are going to use our Karma Cards to track our progress and goals!  If you already have a Karma Card going, simply mark where you are starting the challenge on your card.  Our intention is that you will finish your current card – get the reward – and keep going.  If you haven’t started a Karma Card yet, now’s the perfect time to get one going.  You’ll likely finish the card or come close!  What fun this month will be!

*Please contact Jackie if you are interested in upgrading from your current membership to Abundance Unlimited for the challenge. 

We start the challenge, Monday, February 5 and we challenge you to take up to 40 classes.  The ultimate being a daily practice.  Not only will you feel fabulous, but you will also be rewarded for your efforts:

  • At 20 classes, you’d be entered to win a beautiful crystal from our partner store Yoga Elevates
  • At 30 classes, you are entered to win a $50 Maitri Yoga Gift Card
  • Once you reach 40 or more classes, you are entered to win a free 1 month Abundance Unlimited Class Package!
  • 25-40 classes will receive discounts on Polarity Therapy or Craniosacral Biodynamics Sessions from Bridge Therapy

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