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Love Whole Heartedly

February is a month filled with the denseness of winter and the possibilities of love. It is a time that we can go inward to inspect our selves and the lives we have created.  It is also a time to recognize the light, which is returning in nature, that shines brightly in our hearts. Valentine’s Day reminds us each year to open our hearts to others.  To be both the giver and receiver of love.  Doing so enlivens our inner light and warms the hearts and souls of the world.

Let your yoga be filled with heart this month.  Shine your light brightly.  Don’t be afraid of the obstacles that appear along the way.  The snow will melt, the clouds will part and your warm presence will welcome in a new season.

This is the time to cultivate intention with your whole heart.  What are the seeds of change you want to plant for the year?  Gardeners are pouring over their catalogs dreaming of the fruits, vegetables, and bright flowers they will be cultivating this year.

What is in your heart that yearns to grow? What seeds of possibilities exist in your heart right now?Shine-Your-Light-Yoga-Trainings

Perhaps it is taking that yoga retreat or training that keeps pulling you in.  Maybe it is to do a better job of nourishing yourself on a consistent basis.  How will you improve yourself and invigorate your inner light to shine brighter and brighter this year?

Maitri Yoga is here to support your growth. Beyond our yoga classes we have life enhancing trainings that will empower you to become the best version of you.  Our workshops are here to help you learn about specific topics one at a time that give ideas and tools to fertilize your seeds and help them grow.

We look forward to working with you whole heartedly this year. It is always a joy and honor to be your guides and teachers!

Maitri Yoga’s next Essential Yoga Training start date is April 9.  You will get to enjoy a 4 day retreat in May with the training! Email Mindy if you’d like to learn more.


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