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Looking for Another Level of Mastery?

Something more from yoga…

by Mindy Arbuckle, E-RYT 500

I remember when I was new to the practice of yoga.  I was practicing the asana (postures) as often as I could, often on my own because there was little yoga to be offered back then.  They made my body feel great.  I used the breathing practices (pranayama) to calm my active mind and help me get to sleep.  I tried meditating but found it to be extremely difficult for me.  I did it because it was the next step, not really because I wanted to.  (Anyone with me?)

Well put all this together and I really did feel amazing!  My life seemed to start to feel more balanced, I was at ease with all the changes going on in my life.  It was great.  So great that I felt like I needed to learn how to share it.  It felt like if I chose to keep this to myself then I was going to be the most selfish person out there.

So I looked into my options.  At the time I was living in Alaska and there weren’t a lot of options.  There were two to be precise.  The first was to go to a local yoga studio (the only one around) and take their yearlong training.  Well, when I went to the studio I didn’t feel like I fit in and a year at a place I wasn’t sure about seemed way to long.  The other option was completely opposite.  It was a weekend yoga teacher training at a local gym.  It was the first training this company was hosting in Anchorage.  I decided to go for the quick set up and see where it took me.

After convincing my new husband to help me pay for the training I was able to apply for and set up a teaching job for myself that started the Monday after my 20 hour weekend training.  Sounds ridiculous to me now but I was thorough and ready to get going. Sometimes when you want to be a teacher you just have to get out there and start teaching.

The training I took gave me the basics of how to set up a class lesson plan, how to flow and keep people safe.  Well, that was it for me.  After getting the taste of teaching yoga I knew that was the path for me.  I continued my weekend trainings, learning more and more along the way to eventually get a 200 hour certificate.  The more I learned the more I wanted to learn.  Every step along the way offered me an opportunity to find mastery over something new. First it was physical mastery.  Then I was able to develop mastery through yogic philosophy.  Everything I discovered was like remembering something I had already learned.  It was awesome! I really felt like I found where I belonged.

13 years later I still find myself with the same passion about yoga.  My interests have broadened and funny enough, every time I find mastery over a new topic I simultaneously realize that I have tons more room to learn.  I guess mastery is like that.  Each time you find a new level of it you recognize there is something more for you to learn and you reach toward that new level.  I expect I will keep reaching and discovering new levels of yoga mastery throughout the rest of my life.  For yoga is the path I have chosen for my journey and I continue to walk getting closer to my life’s purpose.


If you find yourself looking for more out of yoga or are a teacher already and want to deepen your own path of yoga, please consider looking into Maitri Yoga’s teacher trainings (webpage) in Westminster.  The Essential Yoga Training is the place to begin, whether you want to teach or not.  It is 230 hours of incredible growth and transformation.  The 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is offered in 9 modules developed to dive deeply into one topic at a time to enhance your experience of traditional hatha yoga and your current level of teaching.

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