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June’s Student of the Month


What originally drew you to your yoga practice? 

– My draw to yoga came through my meditation practice where I realized I needed a physical aspect to my practice.  Yoga has developed into the integrative meditation practice I sought almost three years ago.

 How does your practice benefit your career?

– I remember to breathe!

 If you could share anything with a non-practitioner, what would it be?

– To the non-practitioner my response would be, Yoga is good for any and all that ails!

Just for giggles what is your favorite asana posture and why?  

– My favorite posture is dandasana (staff pose). Years ago I watched a Native American woman basket weave with a beautiful upright posture seemingly at ease in dandasana.  Since then her image comes to mind as I have learned to respect the strength to maintain this pose.

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