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Advanced Integrated Healing

Bridge Therapy Center, a Maitri Yoga Center Partner

Irene Doherty, LMT PTP ERYT

Advanced Integrated Healing is an approach to bodywork that calls upon multiple modalities that combine the physical anatomy with the energetic anatomy for whole health care.  Taking a Somatic perspective, IB related the mind activity and emotional state to our physical condition.  In understanding that healing is a process that must be nurtured and supported, IB empowers the client with resources.  This educational approach to healing allows us to take responsibility for our wellness and gives us the power to better serve ourselves.

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Myofascial Massage

Fascia is “stocking-like” tissue that surrounds and connects all muscle, nerve and bone fibers.  Restrictions may result from trauma, stress, surgical procedures or inflammation causing mild to extreme tension throughout the whole body.  The practitioner applies specific holds to muscles that are maintained for a long period of time as compared to traditional massage.  This approach gives the tissue a chance to relax on a deeper level yielding longer results of relief.

Craniosacral Biodynamics

Tension in our life reflects in our bodies producing pressure and restrictions to our Nervous System and all structures.  CST seeks to restore respiration to our primary life impulse; allowing our inherent health to be expressed.  A non-invasive, gentle touch tunes into specific cranial and spinal locations encouraging relaxation and breath; ultimately improving the health of our neurological and energetic core.

Polarity Therapy

The practice of Yoga in bodywork form, it contains the underlying dynamics of many other healing systems.  A session seeks to shines a light of awareness on our fundamental nature, personal needs and potentials.  This in turns aids us in discovering balance and ease physically, emotionally and mentally.  As designed by Dr. Randolph Stone, DO DC DN, Polarity is rooted in the Ayurvedic model of the Five Elements, air, fire, water, earth & ether.  Through sessions one gains clarity around these elements; how they reflect our inner being and shapes our perspective on the external world.

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