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Health & Wellness

Maitri Yoga’s group yoga classes are a wonderful way to bring health and vitality into your body and life.

Adjustments that feel so go to the body!When you are ready to dive in even farther we offer additional services that will enhance your experience, further promoting health, balance, well-being and spiritual growth.  Let yourself feel nurtured and embrace the loving compassion of our professionals.

Private Yoga Training

Refresh your body and individual asana and meditation practice with Private Yoga Training. Personalized attention can be extraordinarily powerful and can take your practice to a deeper level faster than group classes alone. Learn more…


Crystal Chakra Therapy

Experience your full potential of the healing power of your body and mind with Crystal Chakra Therapy.  Working in concert with your Therapist you’ll rediscover a state of health and vitality that will balance and enhance your life.  Learn more…


Advanced Integrated HealingAdvanced Integrated Healing 2

Advanced Integrated Healing is an approach to bodywork that calls upon multiple modalities that combine the physical anatomy with the energetic anatomy for whole health care.  Learn more…