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2017 is rolling right along now. Life is beginning to settle in. yet there is so much discord in the world. What is it that our conscious community is to do with all of it? It is our dharma (duty/purpose) to love. It is very simple – love (prema).
And yet we don’t always do it? The ego enjoys indulging in the hatred we feel toward people that disagree. Politics, in particular, have greatly divided our country and people can no longer have rational discussions or disagree without anger and hatred. How did we get here? We lost our connection to our light. The light of love lives in each of our hearts. And it is through nourishing and feeding this light of love in our hearts that will begin to heal our world.
We must start at home, in our own hearts. This is important. If we tell others to love yet, feel anger, rage, hate in our own hearts we will be hypocrites and ineffective. I don’t care and at Maitri Yoga it doesn’t matter what your politics are. Your beliefs are your own. Maitri is a home away from home to help you come back to your center of love and light. Reconnecting to you and your highest truth (staya) with each yoga practice and each mindful breath taken with kindness (ahimsa) and love (prema) toward ourselves.
dreamstime_xxl_21284787Our truth is that we are whole, complete and full. The light of love shines brightly in all of our hearts – no matter your political beliefs. Life, personality traits, anger, frustration, stress are all things that appear to diminish our light. They are layers of veils covering our light so we feel less connected to who we really are. Our light appears from the outside to be dimmed. In truth it is just hidden. It is still shining brightly under all those layers. To get back to it we come back to it over and over again, slowly removing each veil one at a time. Each time we remove the veils or get a peak behind the curtain of our truth we come back tour wholeness. Ahhh. And it feels good.
When we can see our light blazing within it is easier to see that same light in others. As the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad wisely states, “we don’t love another for the sake of the other, we love the person for the sake of the self, for that self is our own.” We begin to see what unites and connects us to others, even the people that frustrate us or those we may hate.
Love becomes your super power. We’ve seen this before in Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Theresa and others. But we don’t have to be saints in order to hold this power of love and light. It is ours, right now. We possess the greatest power in the world. Love. That is it. Jesus told us to “Love thy enemy.” He said that because you are the same.
When we try to change someone or perhaps just want and will them to change, we are trying to change them to be more like us. Because your own ego sees yourself as better than them or more perfect. We are only seeing the outer sense of who they are. The material self instead of the eternal Self.
I know this is a lot to ask. It isn’t always easy to look beyond how someone presents themselves in the world. But, as I stated at the beginning what is our conscious community to do about it? We are waking up as a community and I truly believe as a nation. We must lead the way and shine our light of love brightly and courageously. The mind and ego may resist. That is their job – to keep us safe, locked in our patterns. It is time for our patterns to change and evolve. It is our duty to lift up our greater community one moment and one person at a time. Not because we are forcing them to change but because we are an inspiration to others. They will see your light and start to make shifts toward conscious love and light too.
It is time. The world desperately needs people just like you to love and unite.
Please share this with your friends and family.  Our communities that inspire like Maitri Yoga, other yoga studios, spiritual centers and churches can have a powerful, loving impact on our nation.
mindy-arbuckle-squareFrom my heart to yours,
Mindy Arbuckle