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Gratitude Practice

Yoga Sutra 1.13 Practice (abhyasa) means choosing, applying the effort, and doing those actions that bring about a stable and tranquil state.

This month is the perfect time of year to establish yourself in the practice of gratitude.  What does this mean and why should we do it you ask?

Establishing yourself in gratitude allows you to re-frame the contents of your life from stress and complaining to freedom and ease. If you are stressed, you are not in an attitude of gratitude. We should give thanks not just to the joys and pleasures of life but even to the struggles and pains.  For it is the pain that allows us to grow and shine, if we choose.  If you hear yourself complaining about your body, your job or family take a moment to pause and see if you can find something in that situation to be grateful for.

  • Thank you Back for supporting me everyday.
  • Thank you Co-Worker for pointing out that I have a charge around our situation.
  • Thank you Child for offering me the chance to choose my own path of parenting and not stay limited by the way I was raised.

If we look, we will find amazing opportunities to open our hearts and let love and gratitude become the foundation of our lives.

Let us know what you are grateful for below.

With Love,


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