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Free Yoga Nidra

Thank you for your interest in yoga nidra!  Please find below an audio link for free yoga nidra practices offered to you with love from Mindy Arbuckle, founder of Maitri Yoga.

You can play the file from here or right click it to download and add to your favorite media player.

As you begin, find a comfortable place to relax, ideally laying down, where you won’t be disturbed for the length of the practice. Feel free to cover with a blanket or use props under the knees to support the lower back or a small pillow under the head.  The more comfortable the body is, the easier the mind will relax into the practice.  And remember that you can’t do this practice wrong.  All sensations are welcome.


General Yoga Nidras:

We are the Light and Dark Yoga Nidra

A practice that helps us encompass all that we are.  This nidra includes a few rounds of the Lalitha Mantra at the end to bring our bodies and minds back into the present. (35 minutes)

Night Sky Yoga Nidra

Relax to this guided meditation called “Yoga Nidra”.  You will journey through the body illuminating stars to create the constellation of you. (14 minutes)


Manifesting Yoga Nidra

This Nidra Practice is there to help you with manifesting your highest desires, those that will align you with your greatest purpose. (23 minutes)


Prenatal Yoga Nidra

For our pregnant mamas, here’s a lovely Yoga Nidra to help you relax, and connect inward with the baby. (13.5 minutes)

Shakti (divine feminine energy) Yoga Nidra especially for pregnant mamas. (13 minutes)


Women’s Yoga Nidra

A yoga nidra practice to honor and feel the great divine feminine energy that flows through us always.  Great for mamas! (19 minutes)