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Food Drive Success!

Thank you for helping feed our neighbors!

The success of Maitri Community Roots Food Drive was outstanding!  We donated a total of 171 pounds of food and gathered $145.  Maitri Yoga is matching that so the total cash donation is $290!

Again thank you for all your support for our food drive this year! The Arvada Community Food Bank is an important part of our greater community and we are all so blessed to be able to have enough to give to others.


Raffle Winners:

Anne Neal – books

Pat Young – Yoga Nidra CD

Brice Williams – Chilli

Becky Coen – Dream Work Session

Cindy Grohman – mala

Patrice LeBlanc – Bodywork Session

Dottie Beckwith – Yin + Hot Stone & yoga mat bag

Marcia Hensley – soaps

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