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Essential Yoga Training Honors the Heart of Yoga

Essential Yoga Training-Discover Your Yoga Journey

At Maitri Yoga we do our best to honor the true heart and spirit of yoga.  This means that we are willing to take you on a journey of self-discovery, self-healing and personal growth through the multiple facets of yoga.

Yoga has so much more to offer than just the physical postures (asanas).  We often start with the asanas to convince the body and mind that this work has value as we begin to move toward less tangible practices.  That is great.  Know the body and how it communicates with you is a valuable tool. As a you begin to rekindle trust and friendship with your Self from the inside out.

The tools meditation offer are vast and can work in harmony with the physical body, getting to know your emotions, understanding your life patterns (samskaras) and the deeper meaning of your life (dharma).  The energy body and the chakras aid in this inner understanding.

Learning how everything is connected from your inner world to your outer world is an empowering adventure.  It is one that takes courage, patience and persistence.

The Essential Yoga Training is so much more about this journey of discovering your truth than you know.  Because once you are more familiar with your inner workings you are free to help guide others down this path.  You can only teach as far as you’ve gone yourself.

Freedom is something every human being is looking for.  I believe, that is why yoga has become so popular today.  We take this journey toward freedom seriously in our training.  We are seekers of truth and truth comes only from an experience of it.  The truth of it is that yoga is more than just posing.  If the focus is primarily on the postures in a training then frustration and anger will eventually come to you because you won’t have any other tools to rely on as you begin to discover your truth, your Self.

While there are few fully realized people in this world there are slightly more that are authentically on this path themselves.  That is where our training comes from.  The trainers share their experience from their path of self-discovery and healing.


We invite you to join our next training that begins Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at Maitri Yoga Center in Westminster, CO.  If you have questions, please contact Mindy directly at 303.653.2010 or mindy@yogamaitricenter.com.  Another option is to attend our Free Information Sharing Session on Sunday, January 27th at Noon at our yoga center.  We’ll have tea and cookies and you can save $200 on this year’s training just for attending.

Learn more on our website.

Thank you for considering our program.  We look forward to talking with you and helping you on your journey soon!

Namaste, Mindy

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