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Hurricane Irma, gratefully was not as bad as everyone had expected.  But, the people of Florida are still in need of support.  Our fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey on 9/8 went so well that we want to do it again.  (BTW we raised $1568 for Hurricane Harvey!! Awesome job everyone!)
One of the principles of yoga is oneness – or connection.  At our very essence, we are all connected.  Even if we haven’t been affected by this hurricane directly.
And so we as a high vibration community are here to help.  Let’s come together Saturday night (9/23/17) to send those in need light and love as well as generosity.  Maitri Community Roots is hosting a community fundraiser for those who have been hit the hardest with this hurricane.  Our practices will connect all of us with everyone who needs support.
We ask that you donate anything that you can: $5, $100, $500.  It will all make a difference.  Our goal is to raise $1,500 from our yoga community.  I can tell you honestly that 100% of the money you donate will go to a charity that will use 100% of our donations for hurricane relief.  We will be submitting our donations to Mercury One.  (www.mercuryone.org)
Join us for yoga, kirtan (chanting from the heart), food, beverages and community connection.

5:00     Community Donation Yoga Class with Michele Theoharris

6:30     Kirtan Chanting and Meditation with Mindy Arbuckle

Mindy Arbuckle, Founder

7:30     Food, Beverage & Community Connection

Please feel free to come for all or part of the evening!  The yoga class will be a Hatha based class that is open to all levels of students, even newbies if they want to come.  Kirtan is essentially musical meditation and will focus on establishing an open heart, seeing the silver lining and an Om mediation that will leave you feeling more deeply connected to yourself and to the greater whole of life than you have felt in a long time.
Please share this with your neighbors and friends.  Spread the word on Facebook (here’s our Facebook Event Link).  We have set our goal high and would love to exceed it.  Anyone who wants to take positive action is welcome.
With love and gratitude in my humble heart,
Mindy Arbuckle
Maitri Yoga Founder