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Many of my conversations over the past several months have revolved around the journey of self-growth and transformation. More specifically about how to travel down this path without feeling or having other people accuse you of being self-centered or selfish.
Yes, it takes time and effort to walk this path of transformation. And yes, if people who have known you for a long time see you focusing more on yourself and less outwardly on them or others they may automatically react by saying you are being selfish.
Anyone who has taken even a few steps down this road of self-improvement knows that you don’t just do it for yourself. You do it for everyone around you. You see, when you focus on yourself in a positive, growth oriented way, not only do you improve your life, but you do it in a way that improves everyone around you too. As one of my teachers says, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”
Taking 30 minutes a day to meditate and a few hours each week to move your body and improve your health in your yoga classes does not make you a selfish person. It helps you become more centered in your Self. This is very different than being self-centered and egotistical.
Centered in your self means that you are clearing out the BS that doesn’t serve you anymore. It means cleaning up your inner world so your outer world is a better representation of who you are and the life you desire. Becoming a more mindful person moves you out of scatter brained messes, and into clarity.
If your life feels like it has some room for improvement then taking time to get centered in the Self is something you should bring more energy to today. Self-transformation is not something to wait on for just the right conditions. Starting now is really the best time to do it. Ram Dass always said, “Be here now.” Don’t wait. You are worth it. (And the nay-sayers can simply be there to strengthen your resolve to take time for you.)
Ways to practice getting more centered:

  • Take at least one yoga class every week
  • Meditate for 5-30 minutes every day
  • Take a yoga training that will offer more guidance on this journey of the Self
  • Use a mala to repeat your mantra
  • Wear a mala as a reminder of your sacred prayers
  • Connect to nature
  • Breathe mindfully

Leave a comment below to let me know how you take time for getting centered.  What are your practices?
With love from my heart to yours,
Mindy Arbuckle