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During this beautiful time of year we have an opportunity to dive inward and become more present.  The shift from the end of summer into the early days of fall invite us to slow down and bring awareness to our days.  Being present is more than just a cliche.  It is truly the best way to live.  I mean – where else are you going to live?  The past has already happened and the future hasn’t yet occurred. The present is the only moment we can actually live in.
Unfortunately, many of us spend time in the past or the future through the actions of our mind’s and egos.  We replay events, conversations, arguments, etc. in our heads over and over as if thinking about the problems that still persist from those experiences can be solved by thinking about them.  We are as bad as a stuck record.  We do the same with the future.  Thinking and planning out just how you want something to go and then having it be entirely different once it actually comes into your present.  I absolutely believe the saying that “Worrying is praying for something bad to happen.”
Now if you are a worrier or a re-player don’t fret.  You can do something about it.  Being present is also about being mindful.  It means knowing what your mind is doing and consciously choosing to keep those same thoughts or to change them.  It is your mind.  You are the only one who change change it.
When being mindful you start to notice what your mind is doing.  You start to recognize if it is in the moment or off chasing some thought squirrel. If you notice that it is off somewhere else, the best thing to do is to take a deep, mindful breath.  The breath can only happen in the moment so it is a wonderful guide to your present moment awareness.
Let this be a loving practice.  Everything we do to improve ourselves ultimately comes from our hearts.  It is the love we have for ourselves that allows us the space to go beyond the mind and the ego to a place of love and light.  It is a journey inward and it is always worth it, even if it is difficult at times.
Blessings from my journey to yours!
Founder of Maitri