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Be Big and Bold

I had the pleasure of mountain biking with my husband and 4 year old daughter, Zella, over the weekend.  We went to Three Sisters near Evergreen.  The area is beautiful with open fields, forested areas and lots of rock out croppings.  Zella has been mountain biking with us since she was able to walk so she really enjoys getting out on the trails.  Even more than mountain biking she loves rock climbing lately.  And with all the rock at Three Sisters she was a happy camper.

At lunch we stopped at some great rocks that we could scramble up for our picnic.  As soon as we finished Zella was off on her own exploring and climbing.  Dutifully, Brian and I followed.  I had the camera and he helped spot her climbing adventures.

My favorite part of this story is that when Brian pointed out relatively small rocks she could climb on her own she replied firmly and joyously, “No, Papa.  That’s too small.  I need something bigger.”  Every time she said it I smiled.  It was a fabulous reminder that we often keep ourselves small and let others do the same.  Instead she took the help that Brian offered without a second thought that she wasn’t good enough to climb these large rock formations and just went for it.  She trusted in herself and knew she could do it.

How can you learn from this lesson?  Where do you hold yourself back?  What arbitrary limits can you break through today?

I encourage you to be big.  Be bold.  And I bet that if you do you will find a bright smile across you face and feel the joy of freedom, just like Zella did this weekend.



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