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As we welcome the month of June, we also welcome summer and all of the wonderful activities that go along with it. The temperature starts to creep up a little higher during the day allowing us to not remember we had to go get our boots and winter coat out a few weeks back! The evenings are a lovely time to sit and enjoy Colorado’s finest! Summer is also a time to get outside and get into nature. This is a perfect place to reflect and contemplate our yoga practices. Practicing mindfulness, breathing, and simply just enjoying the feelings of being present and happy. Enjoy these summer months ahead and spread love and compassion to all you meet!
We are having some great workshops this month at Maitri!  Karina is hosting a ‘Backbend’ workshop June 14, and Kids Yoga this month is on June 21st! Irene is hosting a Healing Circle at her home on Sunday June 22. The ladies from Vibrant Yoga Living (Rhonda and Michele) will also be hosting a book club and a workshop series on Living Your Life’s Purpose! Join us and bring a friend!
Our Theme of the Month at Maitri is Empower and the Pose of the Month is Warrior 2. Feel empowered by creating that motivation and energy to continually grow as a person. Some ideas could be to read a new inspiring book, start a new exercise routine, begin or continue a lifestyle of eating healthy, try creating some art, listen to inspiring music, join a group that you are interested in, learn something new, etc. There are so many ways to feel empowered and to feel like you can really change yourself and give off positive vibes out to the universe! Be present, be mindful, give love, BE LOVE!
To get into Warrior 2 pose, step your right foot far back and spiral down your back foot so that it is parallel with the back of your mat. Your front knee should be bent right over your front ankle. The back leg is nice and long. Spiral your inner thighs back and root your tailbone straight down to the earth (like someone is pulling it down with a rope). Bring your navel in towards your spine, engaging your abs. Tuck your ribcage down slightly. Roll your shoulders up and drape them down your back. The chin is parallel with the earth and reach the crown of your head to the sky. Lift your arms up so the left arm is out in front of you over the front bent knee, as the right arm is behind you, both parallel with the earth. Have a nice soft gaze over the front middle finger. Hold this pose and breathe! Enjoy this feeling of strong Warrior 2 Pose and its empowering effects on the body and mind!  Namaste`