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What’s missing in your yoga?Circle-Class-Time

I’ve had conversations with a number of people over the last year or so about transformation and how their yoga practice has played a part. It is inspiring and humbling to hear the stories of our clients. How yoga has helped heal cysts that the doctors said she’d have to live with. The busy professional who can handle stress so much better now. What life is like without having to carry around the excess weight. How some have grown an inch or their blood pressure is back down to healthy levels. Yoga is an amazing vehicle of transformation. And the best part is that all of these transformations happened in every day, weekly group yoga classes at our center.
What is better is that those weekly group classes just barely scratch the surface of what yoga can really do for you. Imagine a beautifully cut and polished crystal with little windows and facets all around. One of those facets is asana or the postures. It is only one part that makes up the whole. There are breathing practices, various forms of meditation, chanting, philosophy (how to live your yoga off the mat), energy, chakras, and the list goes on for miles.
Once you start to feel the transformative power of yoga in your group classes you may wonder what is next? How do you learn more? Maitri teachers are passionate about sharing and offering workshops on the topics they specialize in. We are experts that love to bring focused awareness to specialized classes that can bring transformation to your life in a few hours.
But if you are really ready for something great, to view the crystal of yoga from more angles, consider the Essential Yoga Training program. This is a life enhancing and changing opportunity that simply put is amazing. Our program is based on transformation first and learning how to teach others second. Both are important but we have so many people join our training that want the transformation and really aren’t interested in teaching.
Our course is offered over 12 months. You might think to yourself, “A year is a really long time. I don’t want to wait that long to become a teacher or get through a program.” Trust me I know. I chose a weekend training back in the day over the only other option that was a yearlong. I get it. I soon realized, however, that one weekend was not sufficient. I realized that there was so much to know and so much I didn’t know yet. It spurred me on to learn and learn and learn. I continue to learn and study to this day.
There is an insane amount of value in a year long yoga training.

  1. It takes time for all this learning and transformation to seep in. If you take a course over 4 weeks or 4 months you will miss out on a lot of the wisdom teachings because you can’t absorb it all at once.
  2. Time allows you to marinate in the teachings and come into your own. This is first a journey for ourselves, second for others.
  3. If you take time to fill your cup you will be a better teacher (and really a better person. We can give more if our cups are full than if they are empty/drained.)
  4. Believe it or not, most people don’t want the training to end once they have completed the program. Susie, one of Maitri’s teachers, told me today that she felt exactly like this when she completed her training. Many of our graduates feel the same way.

Personal transformation is a journey you don’t want to rush or be impatient with – which is why a year long program is perfect. Let yourself unfold and blossom into the best you ever.
At the same time, now is time to go through transformation. Don’t wait to start the process out of fear, lack of time or lack of money. Your future self will thank you  because she/he will be better off!
Mindy-Irene-2Learn more about our programs online or by scheduling a one-on-one consultation with Mindy or Irene. Our program is designed to follow the seasons and the elements of nature which means you can join at four different points during the year: January, April, July and October. We meet one weekend a month and usually the last Wednesday of the month. This schedule makes the training and applying the teachings more accomplishable if you have a busy schedule. Payments may also be spread out over the 12 months easing the financial investment.
So yes, a year may feel like a long time to be in a yoga training. In my experience of taking and teaching a variety of schedules it is by far the most valued way to do it. You will gain clarity and peace unlike if you choose a much faster paced course.
We love to share these wisdom teachings with students who are authentically interested in growth through yoga. We believe that yoga is a practice that can light up the heart and soul. We invite you to join us for this part of your journey.
From the bright, brilliant Divine Light in my heart, I bow to the bright, brilliant Divine light in yours,
Mindy Arbuckle