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40 classes in 40 days

Starts Monday, February 5

at both Maitri Yoga Studios!

Commit to yourself and your yoga practice by attending classes in the next 40 days – whether that is twice a week, every other day, or every day.  Firm up your practice and let us support you along the way.

Track your progress and goals with a Karma Card and you will be rewarded for your efforts:

  • At 20 classes, you’d be entered to win a beautiful crystal from our partner store Yoga Elevates
  • At 30 classes, you are entered to win a $50 Maitri Yoga Gift Card
  • Once you reach 40 or more classes, you are entered to win a free 1 month Abundance Unlimited Class Package!
  • 25-40 classes will receive discounts on Polarity Therapy or Craniosacral Biodynamics Sessions from Bridge Therapy

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